Green beans in dough

Green beans in dough

Green bean in dough is a preparation that can successfully replace the famous Chinese spring packages, which your family adores. The tasty taste of the pastry packages filled with beans and fried in oil will quickly gather around the table the whole family, who can enjoy them both as snacks, as side dishes or, why not, as a main course, along with a sweet sauce- sour!

Preparation time

20 min.




300 g green beans

100 g cheese



other spices (according to taste)

1 package dough sheet

Method of preparation

Remove the foliage from the freezer for at least one hour before preparing the beans so that it can be loosened more easily. Meanwhile, boil the green beans, drain it in a strainer and place it in a bowl.

Season it with a little salt, pepper and other favorite spices, then add the cheese over it (give up salt if the cheese is salted). Spread the pastry dough, cut it into squares and put, with the aid of a teaspoon, beans on the surface of each.

Run the squares and close them tightly at the ends, then fry them in a hot oil bath. Remove them on a napkin to remove excess fat.

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