How do you choose a food supplement with colloidal silver?

How do you choose a food supplement with colloidal silver?

Food supplements with colloidal silver, manufactured by certified manufacturers, from standardized raw material and certified according to the standards imposed by the American legislation cGMP and FDA, have proven antibacterial and antiviral effect, without having adverse effects.

Although some cases of tissue bleaching as a result of silver ingestion have been intensely publicized, this is isolated and strictly related to the cases in which domestic remedies were used, in the household, for the purpose of self-medication.

The case of the American Paul Karason, who made his own for collidal silver is a clear example of the improper and abusive use of a non-standardized, non-standardized and improper quality of silver. He made his so-called colloidal silver using distilled water, salt and silver to solve several health problems.

Home-made "colloidal silver" forms are not equivalent to colloidal silver from food supplements, which comply with the regulations in force.

Colloidal silver does not deposit in the body

Collidal silver, unlike silver salts and home-made products, is made from very small silver nanoparticles (one nanometer is one million times smaller than one millimeter) and has properties distinct from those illustrated by silver ions, delivered in the form of silver salts. We can speak of silver particles in solution, when their size is even smaller than a nanometer, and of the colloidal state, when the particles dispersed in the liquid have dimensions between one and a thousand nanometers.

Silver nanoparticles in colloidal state have the advantage of a very good safety profile, both for humans and the environment, as well as special anti-infectious properties. Most of the time the confusion between the silver salts that deliver ionic silver and the silver colloids persists. Ideally, colloidal silver contains strictly silver nanoparticles, but it may also represent an association of silver ions with silver nanoparticles.

In essence, the process of obtaining nanoparticles is based on electrolysis in deionized water, using a silver electrode. However, the process is much more complex and involves additional stages of standardization and stabilization of colloidal silver. Therefore, food supplements based on collidal silver are only obtained in certified factories, at pharmaceutical standards and, in no case, with improvised devices at home.

Also, studies show that nano-sized colloidal silver is eliminated from the body via the liver and kidneys, if administered in a balanced manner. Silver nanoparticles have superior bioavailability and are eliminated from the body only after they have achieved their antiviral and antibacterial effect.

The mode of action of colloidal silver is very efficient and very simple: present near a virus, a fungus or a pathogenic bacterium, it inactivates the enzymes that these aggressor bodies use to be able to breathe inside our body. Therefore, in a short time, the pathogens "suffocate" and die, then they are eliminated from the body by the immune system with the help of the lymphatic drainage system.

A positive fact is that colloidal silver acts only on pathogens, the friendly or good bacteria in the body do not have to suffer nor the cells of our body because they have another system of oxygen metabolism. In other words, it has antibiotic effect, but without any side effect. Moreover, pathogenic organisms do not develop resistance to colloidal silver, which can be considered a secondary immune system.

Choose informed dietary supplements with colloidal silver

The danger of argyria, that is to say blue tissue is not real when using colloidal silver, obtained and administered according to the prospectus or indications of the specialized consultant. Secom®, a leading company on the Romanian market in terms of providing naturopathic medicine solutions, importer of the First Defense food supplement, based on colloidal silver, recommends and supports the informed choice of food supplements and, implicitly, of colloidal silver supplements.

The 100% natural First Defense product, from Secom®, has a colloidal silver composition of 0.001 microns, which is not deposited in the body and extracts of olive, sunflower and arabinogalactan. The unique formula of the First Defense product is created by pediatric doctors especially for children, and the product is recommended by the Romanian Pediatric Society. First Defense contributes to balancing the immune system by stimulating the production of immunoglobulins IgA, IgM, IgG and T lymphocytes, by stimulating acquired immunity and innate anti-infectious.

Also, the product is beneficial in balancing immunity through its effect of increasing the number of cells that encompass and destroy pathogens. First Defense helps reduce recovery time after all types of infections and reduce oxidative stress. For long-term results, Secom® recommends a minimum of 3 months of treatment with the First Defense product.

Secom® company supports and promotes informed choice of dietary supplements and the fight against self-medication and the use of unconventional, untested treatments that can endanger the health of those who use them.

Secom® supports the approach of integrative medicine, which combines allopathic medicine with naturopathic medicine. We support integrative medicine through exceptional natural products, studied scientifically and through specialized consulting services. That is why Secom® Naturopathic Consulting Center offers consultancy to the highest standards, the most efficient personalized natural solutions, applying the concept of integrative medicine.

By choosing Secom® you have the certainty that you have opted for the most effective natural solutions for health.