Creative spring at the Calea Victoriei Foundation: Courses and events for children

Creative spring at the Calea Victoriei Foundation: Courses and events for children

In March, the children are expected at the Calea Victoriei Foundation with lots of courses and events full of color and joy, in the fields of visual arts, general culture and clothing style. At our spring workshops, the little students can develop their imagination, learn interesting things and make new friends.

From March 21, at the Painting Course for children - Meetings with great painters (8-13 years) we meet with great painters in the history of art: Van Gogh, Picasso and Kandinsky. Together with the plastic artist Maria Petreanu, the little ones will have the opportunity to practice their creativity and develop their general culture, experiencing themselves as it is to paint as one of these famous artists.
On Saturday, March 22, we set off with historian Monica Neat on a fantastic journey, to discover the universe imagined by the beloved writer Jules Verne and the extraordinary inventions of the 1900s (8-13 years). You will be amazed to find that the Mysterious Island, 20,000 leagues under the sea or the Earth Watch in 80 days were inspired by the way people saw the future and, above all, the new technical discoveries from the late 19th century (photography, the car) , cinema, phone).
Also on March 22, teens are invited to take part in the workshop on clothing style for teenagers (10-13 years), supported by Valentina Balasa Ario, former model and current image creator. We will discuss, at the two meetings of our workshop, about the changes that occur in the life of a teenager, the need to reinvent the clothing style, the desire not to be considered a child, the need for expression through clothing and accessories.
Through any of these creative workshops we want to encourage each child to actively participate in activities, raise questions and develop their imagination. Unlike formal education, our programs are a space for interaction, in which children can relax and learn new things in an unconventional way.
More details about courses and events can be found on our website for children: // or you can call us on mobile: 0723 167 892 and landline: 021-321.30.22.

For registration and information you can write to us at [email protected]

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