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The role of bathing suits in the health of babies

The role of bathing suits in the health of babies

Swimwear play an essential role in protecting the health of babies and young children. Most parents leave their babies naked at the beach and make a big mistake. Children's skin is completely exposed to ultraviolet rays, and sand and other objects have free access to cause injury and infection in the genital area and alone.

Protects from ultraviolet rays

The main purpose of the bathing suit is to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Any portion of skin covered when exposed to the sun is a win in the fight with skin cancer. And since you can't dress the baby upside down at the beach, a bathing suit is the best choice. The more it is full, the more it covers and protects more skin.

Many of them are made from special materials that offer UV protection. These reduce the use of protective lotions during a beach day. Specialists claim that sunburns up to the age of 10 present a risk of up to 50% to later develop into various forms of skin cancer.

Protects the health of the child

The bathing suit provides protection against shell cuts, insect bites or jellyfish and the penetration of sand and other things in the genital area. It is neither comfortable nor hygienic for them to be exposed to all pathogenic factors in the sand. When wearing the baby's costume, it is protected from external damage that can occur on the skin from water, sand or other things that come into contact with the beach.

It ensures the comfort of the child

Through the bathing suit, the little boy does not feel any pebbles or other objects directly on the skin and does not burn his skin from the hot sand. Some suits, of last generation, also provide a degree of hydration of the skin of the child, it dries quickly and offers extra benefits. They have built-in lifejackets and are made from kid-friendly materials.

How do you choose a children's swimsuit?

Safety is the main criterion you must follow when choosing your little boy's suit. To these are added comfort, durability and extra benefits. All these have the role of keeping the child's skin as healthy and protected from the dangers that hang it on the beach.

Here's how to choose the right swimsuit:

- aims to be comfortable and not have accessories that hurt the child or keep them in the way of fun;

- make sure it is the right size, otherwise irritation may occur and the skin may be exposed to sunlight; try the costume on the child, but never directly on the bare skin, but on the underwear; wash the suit before first use;

- make sure it is made of a natural, not synthetic material - it is lined in the genital area with cotton;

- Choose models that offer sunscreen and other benefits for your baby;

- opts for bright, bright colors that combine to bind the baby when he dresses with it;

- it is better to choose the whole outfits, because it better protects the skin.

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