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The parents' guide for unpredictable situations in the care of the young child

The parents' guide for unpredictable situations in the care of the young child

Raising and caring for the child also involves quite unpredictable times for parents. There are no perfect parents, which is why there is sometimes the risk of losing your child in the hypermarket or mall parking lot, locking him in the car, losing his favorite pet or toy, or finding he has the cap locked between 2 bars of a railing . Here's how to act in the most unpredictable situations encountered in child care!

You accidentally lock it in the car

It can happen that at one point in a moment of inattention and in a hurry to lock your child with all the keys in the car inside. What are you doing?

  • Assuming that the phone is not in the car with the child, then it is advisable to call 112 and ask for help or call a friend or relative who is capable of releasing and releasing such situations;

  • if you do not have the phone, then ask a passerby to help you remedy the situation or to borrow your phone;

  • it is important not to leave the car at all; keep an eye on your babies;

  • do not panic so as not to give the child a state of irritability; talk to him, laugh, and put smiling faces at him as if nothing serious is happening;

  • if you find that the baby is in danger (drowning, drowning, do something dangerous, the only solution is to break the window (be careful, choose a window that is away from the child).

Part of the baby's body is locked in a narrow space

Whether it's the rails on a railing, a grid or spaces too tight for him to get in, you wake up to find that the little boy has locked his head, hand, foot, finger or whole body in such a way. of space.

  • In most situations, you will be able to remove the blocked part of the child as it entered, with much kindness;

  • if your head is locked, take good care of your ears when trying to unlock it;

  • ice packs work when you want to get your fingers stuck in something (it will numb the area, and the child will not feel pain);

  • uses various greasy, oily solutions to lubricate the blocked parts (vegetable oil, shampoo, soap, etc.);

  • if you fail in any way, call 112 immediately.

You lost your favorite baby plush

It happens in bigger houses too, but it is essential how you react to control how your child will feel about this tragic event.

  • the moment you realize that the toy is missing, it does not react gallantly, yelling and asking around where it can be; nor did he despise his feelings or the importance of the situation; you must give the child the feeling that things are okay;

  • all you can do is run fast and buy another one as well; if not, buy another one and try to create a diversion by telling the child a story about his animal (such as going to friends, neighbors, etc.) until he finds it and that he has sent another friend to keep him company.

The child draws all the walls of the house

The child can use any kind of textures and "watercolors" to paint the walls of the house. These can range from food, sauces, to shoe creams or mommy shades.

  • you cannot often prevent the child from making masterpieces of art on the walls, but it is essential to protect them with a special material to change from time to time; attach the material that the little boy can draw to an optimal height so that if he stretches the handle not to touch the walls;

  • watch it carefully when eating or playing with objects or creamy textures that can become wall paints;

  • encourage him to draw on sheets of paper.

You lost the baby in the parking lot

It is one of the most common, but also serious accidents that face appearances. This also happens in hypermarkets, but when the accident happens in the parking lot, things can become risky.

  • establishes strict rules with the child about how to always stand by you in public;

  • when you are going with the stroller and other bags or trying to put your shopping in the car, have it hold on to your jacket or scarf, hand, bag or something else to feel around you;

  • If you find that the little boy has disappeared near you, call him and quickly run to the guard of the parking lot or the store where you are.

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