When the baby no longer fits in the tub

When the baby no longer fits in the tub

What do you do when your baby no longer fits in the tub with the shape you've used so far? Many moms wash the little one directly in the large tub. Attention, though! Before placing the child in the bath used by adults, it must be well disinfected.

Baby's bath is one of the most important moments of the daily routine. Up to one year, the baby must make bath compulsory every evening and then at least once every two days. For babies, the bath is a treat. You have certainly noticed how delighted the little boy is when you put him in the tub and give him his favorite donuts.

Alternatives for the baby's bath when the fall becomes inconsequential

The tilted bottom frames used for the baby's bath have many advantages: the child is relaxed, does not enter the water in the ears or eyes, cannot slip and is well supported, especially if he does not keep his head alone. When the baby gets older, however, the fall becomes unfit for the baby, who wants to move more and experiment.

  • Now you can buy a bigger bath, suited to the child's current dimensions. It will be mounted in the large bathtub, being very easy to use by parents.

  • If you do not want to buy a new tub, you can buy one bathtub reducer. There are several models of reducers advantageous for parents and comfortable for the baby on the market. Choose a bath towel reducer, which protects the baby from slipping, or a plastic bathtub reducer. Using it, you will be able to bathe your baby in the normal bath, without worry.

  • Another very effective product for baby safety between 6 and 15 months in the bathroom is ergonomic support which attaches to the surface of the case with suction cups and ensures maximum adhesion.

  • Bath chairs they can also be used successfully since the baby is no longer washed in a horizontal position. The seated baby can slide easily into the large tub and that's why bath chairs are very effective for babies over 6 months old. The price of such a product is between 30 and 150 RON.

  • Some moms choose to take a bath with their baby. Although skin-to-skin contact is recommended by psychologists because it strengthens the strong mother-baby bond, it is still to be avoided for hygiene reasons. Even if you are clean and you think you have no way to harm your baby, think that you may be carrying some microbes to which you have immunity, but your baby does not.

Some rules for baby bath

The baby soaps well and rinses with warm water. It is advisable to wash it first on the face, then on the back. Also pay attention to the temperature of the water with which you wash the little one. The optimum temperature is between 36 -38 degrees Celsius. When you delete the baby after the bath, be careful not to cause irritation. Use a soft cotton towel, good quality. Then apply a baby oil and massage the body of the baby. Now the baby will probably sleep like an angel.

It is best to bathe the baby in the evening, before bed, respecting the same time as possible. You will see that the baby will anticipate the bath from the age of several months, becoming more agitated around the time. Usually, after all, the baby sleeps quietly. Warm water can have a calming effect on the baby's belly, sometimes being the only remedy for children suffering from colic.

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