How to Buy the Baby's First Crib

How to Buy the Baby's First Crib

If you will soon be a parent you have surely wondered how to buy and how to choose the first baby crib.
A crib will probably be the place where your child will spend the nights in the next two to three years, so it is good to make an informed purchase. It goes without saying that the bed should be solid, with no splinters, sharp edges and chips.
There are also parents who prefer, in the first weeks of life of the child, to lie on the bed with them or in a basket, next to the bed. No matter what your choice is, at some point you will need to buy a crib, and it is good to know, from the beginning, that they can be quite expensive.
Cots come in various forms, some of which can be converted into beds that "increase" with the baby. Others are specially built to be placed near the edge of the mother's bed, to make breastfeeding easier at night. Most have a folding side, so it is easier for moms to place the baby there or hold it in their arms.
Height can be adjusted to most, as the child grows.
Also, in order to prevent the baby from gnawing at the scandals when his or her teeth grow, most cribs are provided with a protective plastic wrap.

What to consider when purchasing a crib


• If it can be used for two or three years;

• If it can be used for a newborn;

• If you have twins, can you put them both in the same crib in the first months?

• Because it cannot be easily transported from one room to another, choose one with wheels.
Although the color of the crib remains at your discretion, you can try to find a soothing color for the baby, like green or blue.
You can find many models on the Internet, by simply searching on Google. You can choose between wooden models (between 250 and 700 RON), with mattresses that are sold separately, or foldable models (between 250 and 1000 RON), some with included mattress. From the same sites you can buy bed linen (between 400 and 800 RON).

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