Cocoa roll with berries cream, without sugar

Cocoa roll with berries cream, without sugar

Berries rich in antioxidants and vitamin C (which retain their benefits because they are used fresh) and lack of sugar make this recipe a diet and tasty, perfect for anyone who loves healthy sweets. Preparation time, very short, is the second big advantage. Ready for something good? To work!



6 eggs
6 tablespoons sweetener Green Sugar Cooking
4 tablespoons flour (with tip)
2 tablespoons cocoa (with tip)

For the filling

300 g of berries (blackberries, currants, blueberries)
200 g sweet cream cheese (ricotta or mascarpone)
6 teaspoons sweetener Green Sugar Cooking

Nutrition facts (90g serving)

84.16 kcal / 352.12Kj Energy value
6.40 g Protein
2.13 g Total sugars
5.01 g Total lipid
1.74 g Total saturated fatty acids
1.43 g Total monounsaturated fatty acids
0.45 g Total polyunsaturated fatty acids
2.23 g Fiber
0.056 g Sodium

Method of preparation

The whites are separated from the yellows. To the yolks add the 6 tablespoons of natural sweetener Green Sugar and put in bain marie.

Stir until the sweetener dissolves, and the yellows become creamy.

The yolks are rubbed continuously so that they do not stick, until the granules of Green Sugar dissolve and the eggs become creamy.

The whites are mixed until a strong foam is obtained.

Add lightly to the egg whites, stirring slowly, so as not to leave the foam: yellowing cream, flour and cocoa.

Stir lightly with a fork until a foamy, homogeneous cream is obtained.

The oven is heated - you can let it go now and leave it while you prepare the dough.

A baking tray, square, with baking paper is upholstered. Try to use good paper, and make sure it is perfectly stretched, because the countertop will come out quite thin and it is good not to be torn by the bends of the paper. Pour cocoa cream-foam on baking paper. Equal with a spoon, forming a square or rectangle.

Bake for 10 minutes, until the dough is done. Remove the cake top and remove it from the baking paper, placing it face down on a wooden bottom or on the work table. Run it by tightening it slightly, so that the countertop is already cool in the form of a roll. It is good to work with care, so as not to break it, but if it breaks, do not worry: it will stick to the cream inside.

When the countertop is slightly cooled, proceed to the next step, ie mixing the sweet cheese with the berries. Add them and crush them with a fork, integrating them into fruit cream. Add the teaspoons of Green Sugar sweetener towards the end, but mix well to mix, even if crystals remain.

Spread the fruit cream on the countertop, evenly. Leave the layer thicker towards the center end and less towards the edges. Run slowly, patiently.

Run again and glue the edges, then chill for 10 minutes.

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