The mystery island returns to the Ion Creanga Theater

The mystery island returns to the Ion Creanga Theater

They ate phosphorescent shells and dugong ears. They have conquered the heavens, the seas and the earth. They were colonists, never shipwrecked. On oceans that the world no longer remembers as important as the stories are, the crew of the Ion Creanga Theater returns in March to tell the extraordinary events experienced on the mysterious Island.

Dramatized after the homonymous novel, the show "Mysterious Island" premiered in the 2014/2015 season, bringing to the stage the universe conceived by Jules Verne and reimagined by a daring creative team, under the guidance of director Theodor-Cristian Popescu.

For an hour, young viewers will explore, along with Cyrus Smith (Dan Clucinschi) and his comrades (played by actors Voicu Hetel, Mihai Cojocaru, Oliviu-Cristian Bughiu, Daniel Tudorica and Ionut Antonie), the mysteries of a desert island - inventing tools ingenious and testing their knowledge to build a micro-society with its own rules.

Those who are familiar with the works of Jules Verne will discover in the "mysterious island" the outcome of known stories: the traitor Ayrton from "The children of Captain Grant" is found by heroes on the mysterious island, and finally they will find out the fate of the submarine Nautilius and the famous captain , Nemo, after a journey of "20,000 leagues under the sea".

Impossible to achieve with traditional scenographic techniques, due to the many changes of decoration, the show materializes through technology, one of which Jules Verne would have been proud. Theodor-Cristian Popescu director joins a team of professionals who give the story a concrete shape. Set designer Mihai Pacurar builds two additional spaces, using the theater hall unconventionally. The point of interest of the action moves from one scene to another, the heroes are often at a distance from the audience, and the images and sounds complete the atmosphere. Video projections inspired by computer game graphics, familiar to the public, illustrative and compelling events. The mystery is enhanced by the darkening and the alternation of colors in an intelligent light-design signed by Lucian Moga, but especially by the expressive sound-design of the composer Yves Chamberland. (Maria Zarnescu - theater critic)

Brave spectators, over 7 years old, can embark for the journey to "Mysterious Island" on Saturday, March 12, at 11.00 or 18.00, or on Sunday, March 13, at 11.00. Tickets for the three performances, hosted by the Excelsior Theater (Academiei Street, no. 28), are available on the Eventim network, online, on www.eventim.ro and in the partner stores.

More information about the show and about the program of performances in March are available on www.teatrulioncreanga.ro and Facebook.com/TeatrulIonCreanga.

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