The modern pet snack - the new offline trend to meet the right pair

The modern pet snack - the new offline trend to meet the right pair

I have all heard of petitioners, at least from the stories of grandparents. There were, at times, those people who were asking for a girl in marriage, on behalf of a man, usually addressing her parents. The role was played by women, usually older, who were acquainted with two people of the opposite sex to facilitate their marriage.

Today, we live in the age of technology, corporations and online where time goes by. Also in speed we pass the people and we often do not even notice. Because of this, it is increasingly difficult for us to find love. Although we are looking for and have the intention to find, we find ourselves alone in the most important moments. We see a person we are strongly attracted to but we don't know how to approach it. Apparently, we have a loaded program, which does not allow us to meet the right pair.

Those who are too busy to let go of the Cupid can still call today a "petitor", but a "modern", adapted to today's times. We are talking about a relationship coach who helps us discover how to feel better in our skin with people of the opposite sex, while we are ok with our own image and that of the world about us.

Cerasela Rogen, motivational speaker, for more than 6 years he assumed the role of "modern petitor", dedicating himself to the relationship coach job.

Inspired by real situations and people who appealed to her for help, Cerasela Rogen created the FREE "Suitable Couple" workshop, dedicated to all single people, in search of a suitable relationship.

The event will take place on Wednesday, February 17, at 19.00, at the Hotel Marshal Garden Dorobanti.

Created according to a unique concept, FREE Workshop "The Right Pair" combines information and practical exercises about attraction, connection and relationship.

Those who attend the event will discover how to succeed with people of the opposite sex, changing their image about themselves. Learn directly from the source what the woman or man really wants to be conquered, learn how to use their feminine or masculine energy and what are the concrete steps to take in order to have a stable and harmonious relationship in which to he feels loved and respected.

Entries to the "Proper Pair" workshop are FREE and are done by accessing dedicated pages for Him and EA.

Who is Rogen Cerasela?

Transformational coach that helps you turn any challenge into an immediate opportunity. Motivational speaker with over 6 years experience. Founder of the "Millionaires in Ideas" Community. Moderators and producers of the show "Cerasela Show" - 6TV. The producer of the radio show "De talk with Cerasela". Creator of the workshops "Happiness and DNA programming", "How to attract the right partner", "Reverse theory", "Style and attitude".