Children, librarians for a day

Children, librarians for a day

When the children go to the library, especially in their room full of eyes with colorful volumes, the team from Bastilia comes to life! Why? Because they are the most devoted lovers of the fantastic characters they meet in books, and the bookstore is transformed into a cheerful space, animated by their voices and smiles.
Do you think it's easy to be a librarian? We let the little ones decide after they will be librarians, on their birthday, in Bastille!

Friday, June 1, 6 pm-19.30 pm and Saturday, June 2, 11.00-12.30

  • Presentation of the library (organizing rooms, book storage) and libraries;
  • Semicircle work: What do you think a bookseller is doing?
  • Realization of a work plan: arranging books on domains and themes, highlighting promotions and offers;
  • Receiving the readers and advising them on the books in the children's room (presentation of the offer, recommendations).

How do children register for the activity?

Children write a short composition (maximum one page) about why they would like to be a librarian for a day (they should not let others around them inspire them, the thoughts of a child are the most beautiful and creative) and send the composition until Friday, May 25, on the email address: [email protected] or leave it in the library, at home.

The winners will be announced on Monday, May 28, until 4 pm.

The bookstore can host 16 small bookstores in 2 days, but if the children's texts are convincing, the activity will be repeated. Children must be between 7 and 12 years old.
The children will have a great time with the team from Bastilia and will receive many beautiful gifts!

Details:; 0756 158 764 or 021 315 4314 (Andra Carbunaru).

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