The most adorable photos with Prince George

The most adorable photos with Prince George

It has been over 5 years since Prince George came to the world, meanwhile the world has welcomed Charlotte's sister, but also Louis, but he is still in the spotlight wherever he goes. This is the case when it comes to a prince as nice as George.

In recent days, he kept the headlines after his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, told an event that her little nazdravan "lies" about his age, telling everyone who asks him how old he is. years, when, in fact, only 5 anisors were fulfilled on July 22.

Even if in the royal family a third miracle has already come, in person Prince Louise, Prince George is still a favorite among tabloid journalists. We have prepared for you a review of the most adorable situations in which you have been surprised by the cameras so far.

At first sight

On July 22, 2013, the long-awaited child of royal couple William and Kate came to the world. When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left in front of the London hospital where the Duchess was born holding little George in her arms, the photojournalists' cameras immediately turned to the little prince. The next day, newspapers around the world published the photo of the third in the line of succession to the British throne.

After Prince William's wedding with Kate Middleton had been watched on television by millions of people around the world, everyone's eyes were now on friendly Prince George, who, as shown in the photo, did not seem too impressed by the attention he was given.

An unusual portrait

The royal family surprised everyone by making an official portrait in an extremely relaxed hypostasis, on the lawn of the parents residence of the Duchess of Cambridge. Along with the happy parents and the friendly Prince, there are the family dogs, Lupo and Tilly. The photo was taken by the Duchess's father himself with an amateur camera.

In fact, this royal portrait recalls the official portrait given to the public by the couple Charles and Diana after the arrival of their first child, Prince William, the difference being that the photo had been taken by a professional.

Absolutely adorable in christening dress

In October 2013, the little prince drew all his eyes, at baptism. Although it was a small event with only 22 guests, contrary to expectations, George had seven noses and noses. For the time of Christianity, he wore a satin and lace baptismal dress, a faithful replica of the dress worn in 1841 by Queen Victoria's eldest daughter, Princess Victoria.

The same gorgeous dress was worn by his younger sister, Princess Charlotte at this year's baptism.

Prince George, the lefty

Although contrary to royal custom, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took Prince George with them on a visit to Austria and New Zealand in April 2014, when the little boy was no one. During that visit I could see how strange the Prince is, being surprised playing with other children from New Zealand.

But not the fact that the game has surprised everyone, but the fact that it stole all the toys of the other children, proving that babies do not take into account the royal label at all.

With your tongue out on Grandma's Day

When your grandmother is Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, do not allow yourself to make gumbuslucuri at the parade dedicated to his birthday. Prince George has proved himself to be a nonconformist, as well as any child of his age. He made an appearance in one of the windows of Buckingham Palace, waved his hand to the crowd in honor of the Queen, and took out his tongue.

We don't know if the Queen was too excited about this moment, but we liked it a lot.

Mom, keep up with me!

We all know how much energy a two-year-old can have. It seems that neither the Duchess of Cambridge can successfully cope with the Nazdravan Print George who, at a polo match, did not want to stay for a moment. She ran up and down the hill around the pool, stopping at any object that attracted little attention, and Kate's mother was visibly overcome by the overflowing energy of the little boy.

The older brother

In May, little George became an older brother and welcomed his sister, Princess Charlotte. One month after the birth, the royal family released the first official photo with the couple's two children. Our hearts instantly melted when I saw the adorable image in which Prince George kisses her forehead on her younger sister.

We are looking forward to other portraits of George's sister, who is certainly at least as nice as her older brother.

He went viral on his birthday

Many pictures with the little prince kept the pages of newspapers both in the United Kingdom and in other countries, but only about one can be said to have become viral, his birthday. The photo in which George is in his father's arms and both are out of joy was posted on the Kensington Palace Twitter account and immediately viralised, netizens being spooked by Prince George's grim smile, but also by the happiness that is read. in the face of Prince William.

The image was accompanied by the description "Look who turns two years old" and was made in the courtyard of Sandringham, the Queen's private residence.

Knowing Obama

In April 2016, Barack and Michelle Obama visited the royal family of the United Kingdom and could not miss the opportunity to greet George, then the only child of couple Kate and William. Not many people would dare to shake hands with former US President Barack Obama in pajamas and robes. Well, Prince George, yes!

Ice cream for Lupo When she turned 3 in July 2016, the Royal Family shared on Instagram an adorable photo of Prince George while giving ice cream to his puppy, Lupo.

Ice cream for Lupo

When she was 3 years old, in July 2016, the royal family shared an adorable photo of Prince George on Instagram while giving her puppy ice cream, Lupo.

First day of school

The first day of school is exciting for any child, but Prince George did not seem at all anxious when he first walked into the Thomas School yard in West London. George was headed to school by his father, William in September 2017.

At the baptism of Brother Louis

You spotted George, with his smile up to his ears, his younger brother's baptism, Louis, right?

At 5 years old

A few days ago, on the official Instagram account of the royal family, a portrait of Prince George was published on the day he turned 5. Isn't that so adorable? Many believe that when he becomes a teenager, he will break hearts ... just like his father!

We are sure that we will see Prince George again in the future in adorable situations, especially now that he is of age when he is doing all kinds of Nazdravanians.

Ever since she became a dad this time, Prince William has given only one interview in which she tells the story. Of course, the main topic of the interview was represented by the paternity experience. According to Prince, little George is "a little monkey" who does not want to stay at all. So it seems that it doesn't matter that you are from the royal family, any two-year-old nazdravan will subject his parents to real fire tests in terms of patience.

Photo Source: Instagram @kensingtonroyal; Facebook The Royal Family

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