Spinach pie

Spinach pie

The spinach pie is very satiny and is very suitable for the small package.

Preparation time

40 minutes




12 was placenta

2 tablespoons oil

100 g of bread

200 g feta cheese

500 g ricotta (or barley)

300 g young spinach, chopped

1 or

1 green onion link

50 g parmesan, race



Method of preparation

Crumble the feta cheese, add the ricotta and mix well. Add spinach, onion, egg, parmesan, salt, pepper and half the amount of breadcrumbs.

Grease a pan with a little oil, place half of the dough sheets in this form, greasing each sheet of oil, before adding the next.

Sprinkle the remaining crumb over these sheets, then place the cheese and spinach filling and level everything slightly.

Cover everything with the other half of dough, making sure that this time also anoint the sheets with oil.

Portion the pie, then bake it in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes.


Allow the pie to cool before serving.

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